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April 2013 charts

those are our favorite tracks of the first quarter of 2013:

Roberto Capuano – Vertigo
“What a great track! When I heard it for the first time I was directly into it. The chord reminds me of when I was young and raving at Loveparade in Berlin – good old nineties! My favorite track so far for this year .” Thomas

Julien Bracht – Acheronian
“This track is cool as its (kind of) jam session feel makes it so different to a lot of loop driven tracks and it also has an amazingly evil saw synth line in it. :)” Tassilo

Mark Broom – T Bone
“Honestly I am always a big fan of the stuff, that Mark is producing. I played the Satellite on and on but now it is T Bone. Just a perfect Techno killer.” Thomas

Luigi Madonna – New World (Jospeh Capriati Remix)
“Great new remix from our man Joseph Capriati. The first time listening to it it sounded pretty stripped down, but this is a pure monster!” Tassilo

Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Slam Remix)
“Omg! How long did I wait for this one. This remix is just amazing. Beats and beat structures from 2013 combined with the good old violin sound from the 90’s. Awesome remix and 100% guaranty that the hands are in the air.” Thomas

Shlomi Aber – Limited By You
“This is a Groove Bomb. Sounds quite simple but has just the right amount of elements with the right amount of fatness in it.” Tassilo

Paul Ritch – Asteroid
“Paul Ritch for me is one of the best producers of the last years. He never disappointed me and especially with this track, he again shows how good he is. It really makes me think of an asteroid coming and at its impact the crowd freaks out!” Thomas

Slam & Pan-Pot – Media
“Slam invited us to cooperate with them so we did “Media” together under their Slam Alliances project. A one stab driven
Techno track with a bit of an old-school feel.” Tassilo

Julian Jeweil – Mad
“Is this the Super Mario sound from level 1-2 after the first break? I have no idea but it fits perfectly and always gives me a little smile when it kicks in. Great track like typical Julian Jeweill style with all his elements, nice kick, fat bass and amazing breaks. thanks for that one!” Thomas

Simina Grigoriu – Kokopelli (Pan-Pot Remix)
“Our latest remix that we did for our lovely friend Simina. Great original track. We twisted it around to the more Techno side.” Tassilo