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Best of 2012 charts

Those are our favorite tracks of 2012:

Tiga – Mind Dimension – Different Recordings
“Of course this is not from 2012 but one of our most played Techno tracks this year. This is the best final track I can think of, that you can play to destroy the club at the end.” Thomas

D-Nox & Beckers – Watch Me Now (Egbert Remix) – Gem Records
“Since I got the promo, I am in love with this remix. I really like the whole release, but this remix really brings the full power of the elements on the point. Big fan of Egbert also!” Tassilo

Todd Terje – Inspector Norse – Olsen/Smalltown Supersound
“I have never played it but listened to it more then 100 times for sure. It is so whippy whoppy and you whistle the melody for sure after listening to it for the very first time.” Thomas

Tim Deluxe – Transformation (DJ Hell Remix) – International Deejay Gigolo Records
“The piano totally caught me from the first time I heard it. I love tracks that fit in a techno set but also in a deep house set. This track does fit allover the place – love it!” Tassilo

Timo Maas – Kick1 Kick3 (Maetrik Sexy Remix) – Rockets & Ponies
“An absolutely killer, massive song and remix. The french vocals with the synthesizer-sound, clap and kick are working together so well. This track also has so much pressure you can see it on an earthquake scale somewhere for sure. ;)” Thomas

Scott Kemp – GuY (Ron Costa Remix) – Entail Records
“Great tool track, which fits in all our sets. Since I bought this track I followed Ron Costa and he’s definitively an artist delivering interesting stuff.” Tassilo

DJ Hyperactive – rx tribe (Len Faki DJ Edit) – Figure
“Len Faki found a perfect way to bring an old classic Techno-track to 2012. DJ Hyperactive has always been a pseudonym for proper techno tracks, the same as Len Faki, and the combination is evil!” Thomas

John Acquaviva & Roderick Fox – In Your Face – Definitive Recordings
“This is a very functional tool track, not always useable but at the right moment, this is just a real bomb! The drums remind a lot of Green Velvets’ Flash.” Tassilo

Pan-Pot – No One knows – mobilee Records
“Well, one of our smoother tracks. Still like this track a lot. :)” Tassilo

Goldie – Kemistry – (Justin Martin Remake) – Dirtybird
“Goldie’s Kemistry is still one of my favorite Drum ‘n’ Bass tracks of the 90’s. Justin Martin makes a really good job here to combine Drum ‘n’ Bass and Techno in 2012 to a really good partymonster. After Mind Dimension one of the most asked for tracks by fans through our Facebook page.” Thomas