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July 2013 charts


some words on why we picked those tracks:

Henrik Schwarz – Balletsuite #1 / Ostgut
Tassilo: An absolute masterpiece, mixable on every kind of tool track. Creates an amazing moment on the dancefloor.

George Fitzgerald – Nighttide Lover (Trikk Re-Dub) / Hotflush Recordings
Thomas: Trikk is my hero here. I like the double bass drum hits at the beginning of this track. Sounds so massive!

Mike Dehnert – Bar2 / Echochord Colors
Tassilo: Always digging the Mike Dehnert stuff, this one is funky techno again.

Matthias Kaden – Propeller / Desolat
Thomas: This sound is so typical for him and so good. One of my Sonar hits this year.

Timo Maas – Dancing For My Pleasure / My favorite Robot
Tassilo: The bass-line is the shit. And the build up until the break is exciting and on the point.

Gary Beck – Video Siren / Bek Audio
Thomas: Right from the beginning I have been a big fan of Gary Beck and this track shows perfectly why.

Sian – Shame Cube / Octupus
Tassilo: This is my favorite techno track at the moment. Not too heavy but straight to the point.

Harvey McKay – Goodbye / Soma Records
Thomas: Just a big Techno Bomb. Less is more. Many thanks Harvey!

Envoy – Aves High / Soma Records
Tassilo: Nice oldschool feel, another great release on Soma

D-Nox & Beckers – The Cave / Suara
Thomas: Great track! I always try to open our sets with it if possible. Big Tech-house-bomb!